In the race for corporate supremacy it is the anticipators rather than the reactors, who stand out as winners. It is not so much being at the right place, at the right time… but creating the right place and time.

At The Electroline Mfg, are credo is to be proactive. We continuously seek to upgrade ourselves and so be at the cutting edge of technology. Hence in our endeavor to surge ahead we create circumstances to achieve customer delight

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At The Electroline Mfg, we actualize customer satisfaction by: -

•  Customization: Understanding our customers & providing significant value addition by customizing our products to suit their needs.

•  Responsiveness: Our product development team's quick responsiveness converts CAD-CAM concepts to full fledge production.

•  Manufacturing Base : A massive manufacturing base makes available ability to give desired production within a short notice. Hence assured deliveries are our hallmark.

•  Quality Management: We are committed to provide consistent quality by harnessing modern quality management techniques

•  Customer Service : Our sales team is in constant touch with the customer, endeavoring to provide total customer satisfaction.

At The Electroline Mfg our aim is to become the benchmark setters in the industry, providing standard as well as tailor-made products to customer requirement.


•  Genesis : Since 2005, The Electroline Mfg has been evolving by developing products & customized solutions for various types of customer. Intimate knowledge about materials used in our products, continuous updating of machines & keeping the latest designing trends have enabled us to log a large tally of products & customers.

•  Support Team : The Electroline Mfg ENGINEERS is staffed by 10 personnel. The human resource content is vital for the industry The Electroline Mfg is in. Hence engineers, technicians & back office staff are fully trained & continuously developed to keep abreast of latest trends.

The Electroline Mfg'S PRODUCT RANGE:

Tube Fittings, Pipe Fittings, Industrial Valves, Instrumentation Valve, Air Headers & Condensate Pots, Manifolds, etc.

The Electroline Mfg ENGINEERS have developed from a national player to a renowned marketer catering to worldwide customers.

Hitachi, Sumitomo, Toyo , PetroRabigh, FlourArabia, Aramco Contractors, Etc.

The Electroline Mfg brand Double & Single Ferrule Compression Pipe & Tube Fittings are available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Brass, Monel or any other material as per customer requirement.

The Electroline Mfg'S entire range has *High chemical rating *Anticorrosion *Abrasion resistance *Weather resistance *Stable in range of temperatures normally encountered in hazardous process industry *A good tensile strength *Impact resistant.

The Electroline Mfg products are widely used in process control, instrumentation, hydraulic & pneumatic requirements.

The Electroline Mfg prides itself in continuously updating its manufacturing facility. Commencing with the ability to design products as required by customers, translating designs to CAM manufacturing through CNC Machines is our uniqueness. The availability of a wide variety of machine tools like machining centers, turning centers, EDM, cylindrical grinding, sand blasting, plasma & band saw cutting, sawing, drilling, tapping, threading, boring & milling, lapping, super finishing, heat treatment of parts & induction hardening, debarring & ultrasonic cleaning whether Owned OR Sub-Contracted.

The Electroline Mfg'S Products exceed specification laid by the industries regarding consistency, performance & delivery. The result … a long & growing list of satisfied customers.

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