Condensate Pot:

Condensate Pot is steam that has been condensed back into water. Condensate should not be confused with dematerialized, de-ionized, make up, or softened water. When the condensate enters the boiler feed pump additional chemicals are added and the product is now called boiler feed water.


Thermowell is a stainless steel unit, used in conjunction with the Stationary Sensor, Stationary Striker Sensor, or Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor. Thermowell unit houses the fuse-metal end of the device, adapting it to be used where the temperature of oil, water, gas or other elements is to be monitored. Typical applications are fuel gas headers, oil sumps, water systems and natural gas headers.


Air Header Distributor:

Bar stock Air Header Distributor. Connecting Intel 1/2"NPT(F) & Out Let 1/2"NPT(F). Drain or vent 1/4"NPT(F). 1/8"NPT(F). No's of valves upto 20.
Head code tracebility.
Approximate weight : 0.00kg (0.00Lbs).

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Guage Snubber:

Gauge Snubbers fittings protects pressure gauges and instruments from system pressure surges and shock. Pressure damping (snubbing) is accomplished through the use of a porous sintered SS 316 Element.

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