ELSA weld fittings join tubing or pipe to the adapter by butting the material to the fitting or by inserting the tubing or pipe into a socket in the fitting. Only Type 316L Stainless Steel should be specified for weld fittings. This low carbon stainless steel (denoted by the suffix L) minimizes post-welding corrosion called inter granular corrosion. ELSA weld fittings provide permanent welded connections for critical applications involving corrosive fluids, shock from pressure surges, temperature cycling, and system vibration.

Pre-assembly before welding: A unique feature of ELSA weld fittings and adapters is a tapered tube socket that facilitates system assembly. The taper holds the tubing in place prior to welding, allowing pre assembly of several tubing runs.

Technical Information: The choice of fitting material and material being welded is critical. Using the same materials will ensure the same coefficients of expansion, reducing the possibilities of poor welds, out-of-roundness or dimensional changes that are detrimental to a good weld connection.

Standard material is 316 Stainless Steel (SS). Fittings made from barstock are manufactured from materials in accordance with ASME SA-479 and ASTM A-276. Shaped fittings are manufactured from material in accordance with ASME SA-182 and ASTM A-314. Pipe threads meet or exceed requirements of ANSI B1.20.1 (NPT) and MIL-P-7105 B (ANPT) for tapered pipe threads.

Pressure Ratings: Pressure ratings listed for ELSA weld fittings are calculated in accordance with pressure piping code ANSI B31.1. All working pressures listed are at 4:1 safety factor for 316 stainless steel